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ActionScript 3 Development Task Contest #1 Entries

I have uploaded all of the entries for the ActionScript 3 Development Task Contest #1 to the contest’s GitHub repository.

If you sent me an entry and do not see it in the repository, email me ASAP (without the file). Adobe’s spam system can be a bit overzealous at times, but if I know you sent me something, I can find it.

Also, I have not validated all of the entries yet. I will do that later today or over the weekend. If you see any major issues in a submission, then post them in the comments (do not email me directly about it). My plan is to post the initial test results on Monday, and then finalize Monday night or Tuesday. However, I am traveling early next week, so that might slip a day.

All of the source code is fully commented, so please feel free to ask question, or comment on general techniques in the comments for this post. I think it is a great opportunity to learn from the code, and different approaches. My guess is that we can get something even faster by combining some techniques used by different submissions.

Note that I also submitted my entry, although I am not eligible for the contest. Also, I did not update mine any once I started receiving submissions.

Btw, if someone wants to modify the TestRunner to run all of the entries at once, then I will run it on multiple platforms and devices (including iPhone), and report back the results.

Finally, thank you to everyone who submitted. When commenting, please keep in mind that there are various levels of developers who submitted content, so no “j00r (0D3 $U><0r$” comments.

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