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Creating a default DATETIME_FORMAT filter for django

Here is a simple django template filter that will format a date according to the DATETIME_FORMAT variable in the settings file.

from django import template
from settings import DATETIME_FORMAT
from django.template.defaultfilters import date

register = template.Library()

def default_datetime(value):
        v = date(value, DATETIME_FORMAT)
        return value

    return v

Save this in a file named default_date_filters.py and place it in a directory called templatetags in your application directory (along with a file named init.py.

You can then use the filter in a template like so:

{% raw  %}
{% load default_date_filters  %}

{% item.created_date|default_datetime%}
{% endraw %}

You can find more information and how to create and use custom template filters in django here and here. You can find information on django settings here.

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