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Speaking in Europe on Flex and AIR (on AIR Tour)

As I am guessing you have read by now, we just announced the cities and dates for the European leg of the on AIR Tour. We will be traveling to 12 cities through out Europe (via train) and holding free one day developer events around Adobe AIR. Sessions cover both Flash and Flex, as well as JavaScript and HTML based development.

I will be doing an intro session, showing how to build your first AIR application using Flex and Flex Builder. I will also be MCing the event, as well as playing a lot of guitar hero, and hanging out with other developers.

I am really excited about the tour. We realize after the first leg of the North American leg of the tour, that we wanted to bring the tour to Europe. The North American leg was a huge success, and we got to meet and chat with tons of developers (and see a lot of cool apps).

We have a pretty impressive line up of speakers and sessions for all of the events (with the exact lineup changing from city to city). We start the day of with the basics, and then go over some of the new APIs that AIR offers, and then cover a bunch of demos, and example applications.

To be honest though, I am most excited about the tour because it is just flat out fun. I get to meet tons of new developers at the events, see new apps, hear new ideas. On the North American leg of the tour, we hung out with a lot of people after the events, and I made a lot of new friends, and I expect the same will happen in Europe. Even the travel is fun, as I get to hang out with some super talented developers, and work on apps (or just mess around). (I was in Europe on a speaking tour in the Fall, so Im hoping I get to meet up again with a lot of the people I met).

Oh yeah, and we have some cool schwag too… ;)

Anyways, we try to get a pretty good mix of developers at the events, with a target of around 50% Flash and Flex developers and 50% JavaScript / HTML developers (that includes PHP, Java, etc…). We really rely on word of mouth, so if you know someone doing web development, then make sure to let them know about the tour. Even if they are not interested in AIR, it is a good chance to hang out, and meet a lot of other web developers in the area. If you are planning on attending, make sure to blog the tour, and let people know.

You can find a complete list of dates and cities, as well and information on how to register on the onair website.

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