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onAIR Tour : On Air Tour European Cities And Dates

Originally posted on onair.adobe.com blog.

As you may have noticed, we have just updated the on AIR tour website, with new cities, dates and information for the European leg of the tour.

Here are the cities:

Each event is a free full day event where you can learn everything you need to know to start building applications for Adobe AIR using Flash, Flex, JavaScript and HTML.

You can register for the event here.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t bring the bus to Europe, so we will be packing a backpack, and riding the trains across the continent to get to all of the cities (although I have been told I am crazy for taking the train from London to Dublin!).

You can find a list of all of the confirmed speakers on the tour page, and each individual city page contains a complete schedule. We are pretty flexible on both the schedules and speakers, so check back often for new session and speaker info (and if you want to do a session, or maybe demo an app you have been working on, just email me at onair@adobe.com.)

So, who is the event targeted at? Basically, anyone doing web development, which includes Flash, Flex, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, ColdFusion, etc… If you are deploying web applications to the browser, and are interested in allowing those applications to also take advantage of the desktop, then this event will be useful for you. There are both Flash / Flex and HTML / JavaScript focused sessions, with the rest of the sessions relevant to both Flash and JavaScript based development. Unless otherwise noted on the schedules, the sessions are presented in English.

The thing that I really enjoyed about the North American tour, was all of the opportunities we got to meet other developers interested in Adobe AIR and doing web development. We have scheduled in plenty of breaks and networking (i.e. beer drinking) sessions, to ensure everyone has a chance to chat. We will also have the Xboxes and wiis set up in case you need a break from all of the technical discussions.

This isn’t like a regular “marketing event”, so it might not be as polished around the edges as some of the other events you have been to (but this gives us a lot of flexibility to change the schedule and add new sessions). It is a conference for developers, put on by developers, and because of that, we are really relying on word of mouth to help drive awareness of the events. So, if you are interested in it, or know someone that might be, please let them know about it. If you would like to blog about the tour, you can use this image:

and can also grab a vector version of it from the tour’s google code project.

If you want to keep up with what is going on with the tour (both before and during the events), then keep an eye on this blog, as well as our twitter account. You can find a complete list of information and feeds from the tour on the website.

You can find all of the information on the on AIR website, and you can register here.

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