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onAIR Tour : New Air App Flump Flickr Dump

Originally posted on onair.adobe.com blog.

Lee Brimelow and I have just posted an app that we put together while on the first leg of the bus tour.

The app is called flump (Flickr dump), and is a simple application that will download all of the public images from a Flickr account.

flump screenshot

We have posted the app, and source code to the bus tour’s code repository.

You can find more information on the application, as well as how to install and the flump application page.

We actually built the app, so we could grab all (5000+) images from the bus tour webcam Flickr account to make a video. We will be posting that pretty soon.

Note, this is just a first release, so if you have any comments, suggestions or feature requests, make sure to post them.

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