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Flash / JavaScript Integration Kit Update / Bug Fix

Last night on the Flash / JavaScript Integration Kit mailing list, a couple of people were reporting that data sent from JavaScript to Flash was not being serialized correctly (coming through as undefined).

After some sleuthing, I discovered that the JavaScriptFlashGateway.swf had been compiled incorrectly (apparently it could not find the JavaScriptSerialization class, but did not give a compile error). I then checked the release zip and realized this the JavaScriptFlashGateway.swf in it was also not compiled correctly.

So, I have updated the release with a fixed JavaScriptFlashGateway.swf. You can either recompile the SWF yourself from the source, or download the new one in the zip.

Sorry for the mixup and any hassle.

Btw, we are not versioning releases yet, but we will start doing so soon.

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