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Import Mac Address Book Contacts into SideKick II

I just got a SideKick II from T-Mobile and needed to import my contacts from Address Book on Mac into my SideKick. T-Mobile has a web-based tool to sync info with the SideKick, and it can import contacts from various mail programs and formats, but it does not support vCards, which Mac AddressBook can export.

So, after much time searching in google looking for a tool that converted vCards to Comma / Tab separated file, I finally figured out a (not so direct) solution. I thought I would post it here in case any one else needed to do this.



  1. Download this AppleScript script which will export each AddressBook to an individual vCard. You will have to edit the script to specify the directory that the vCards will export to.
  2. Switch to the Directory where the vCards were exported, and selected all of the vCards. Right (ctrl) click and select open with from the menu. Open the menu in Microsoft Entourage.
  3. Swtich to Entourage and save each contact into your address book.
  4. Switch to the Address in Entourage and select the contact you want to export. Select File > Export. This will export to a text file.
  5. Log into your t-mobile sidekick control panel, and open the address book.
  6. From the menu on the left, select import.
  7. In the “Import Data From” field, select : Microsoft Entourage for Mac (.txt file)
  8. In section 2, select the file you exported from Entourage.
  9. Fill out the rest of the settings, and then click import

You contacts should now be imported into the SideKick desktop, and after a couple of minutes should be sync with your SideKick.

Note, I did this on Mac OS X 10.3.5 with Microsoft Entourage 2003.

Post any questions, corrections or suggestions in the comments.

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