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Uncovering some Gems within Flash

The Flash Team is in the middle of doing a lot of customer visits, getting information and feedback for the next version of Flash (we are currently in New York City). As part of this process we actually watch users for about an hour working on a project in Flash. This has been really interesting, and aside from learning how we can improve Flash, I have been learning a ton about Flash itself (and I thought I knew it pretty well).

Another thing we have discovered is that a lot of users ask us for features that Flash already has. Basically, a lot of users don’t know about all of the features, functionality or shortcuts in Flash (including myself).

So, I am going to try to start to post some of these little items that come up from day to day. Either things that I didn’t realize Flash could do, or features / workflows other users didn’t know about. Some of them may seem simple and mundane, but I think on the whole it will help turn up some gems.

Look for the posts to start in the coming days and weeks. Also, if there are any little gems in Flash that you know about, but don’t think others do, make sure to post it in the comments.

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