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Another Simple Atom Example

I am getting ready to release a beta of an ActionScript class to load, parse and manipulate Atom feeds.

Here is another simple example that I put together, to help test some of the APIs.

Here is the code:

import com.macromedia.data.Atom;

var a:Atom = new Atom();

a.addEventListener("onAtomLoad", this);
entryTree.addEventListener("change", this);

entryField.html = true;
titleField.setStyle("borderStyle", "none");
titleField.setStyle("fontSize", 20);
descriptionField.setStyle("borderStyle", "none");

var entries:Array;

//event broadcast once the Atom feed has been loaded
function onAtomLoad(eventObj:Object):Void
	titleField.text = a.getFeedTitle()["value"];
	descriptionField.text = a.getFeedTagline()["value"];

	entries = a.entries;
	var len:Number = entries.length;

	//build the XML nodes for the Tree component
	var treeXML:String = "<node label=\"Entries\">";
	for(var i:Number = 0; i < len; i++)
		treeXML += "<node label=\""+entries[i].title.value+"\"  index=\""+i+"\" isBranch=\"true\"/>";
	treeXML += "</node>";

	entryTree.dataProvider = treeXML;
	entryTree.setIsOpen(entryTree.getTreeNodeAt(0), true);

	entryTree.selectedNode = entryTree.getTreeNodeAt(0).getTreeNodeAt(0);
	change({target:entryTree, type:"change"});

function change(eventObj:Object):Void
	var index:Number = Number(eventObj.target.selectedItem.attributes.index);

	entryField.text = entries[index].content.value;

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