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More SVG / Flash FUD?

I just finished reading this article on SVG over at XML.com, and came across this quote:

Apple used something very close to SVG for their recently released presentation software. Once again, this is further evidence that SVG has the potential to go places that Flash will not.

So, let me get this straight. Apple uses a format that is “very close” to SVG but is not SVG (doesn’t that describe every vector based format that exists?), and this is an indication that SVG will go places that Flash cannot????

Well, if we are talking about presentations, I see tons of Flash based presentations every day. Specifically, static presentations created in Flash, Static presentations with audio created with PowerPoint (and exported with Breeze), Dynamic presentations posted on-line, and real time, collaborative presentations with multiple users, audio / video and screen sharing all with Breeze live.

Couple of other interesting tidbits:

Today Adobe software cannot natively write Flash code because Macromedia is a competitor.

LiveMotion and Illustrator both output Flash files, as well as tons of other tools (that both read and write Flash files).

SVG definitely has its place, but I am constantly amazed by some of the misinformation put out about Flash (especially from a site such as XML.com).

Thoughts? Comments?

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