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Spoof me and win a DRK contest

OK. As many of you have noticed, some of our DRK marketing materials use some pictures of me. You can see some examples on the macromedia home page (you may have to reload it a couple of time) as well as here, here and here.

Well, I don’t know what to say except that marketing made me do it! Anyways, I have already seen a couple of spoofs, so I figured I would roll with it. So, I am going to hold a contest for the best spoof of the DRK ads. The winner will receive a copy of DRK 3.

Just send the link to your spoof directly to me at: mesh@macromedia.com or post it in the comments. I’ll post the finalist, and then I (along with a few other judges) will pick the winner. The deadline is next Monday, April 28 at 5 pm est.

Here is a screenshot of the original image from the website:

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