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Wearable Technology : Wireless Fashion : Phillip Torrone

Phillip started with an overview of the Pocket PC platform, and show some accessories for the Pocket PC (keyboards, cameras, storage, etc)…

Can you make money with Flash on the Pocket PC? Yes.

Phillip brought out a pocket pc phone edition (very nice and sleek).

phillip talk about his animated today program. this is a prgram that allows you to run flash animations as your pocket pc today screen background. he showed some fish, a nyc subway map and a flash movie that displays current stock data.

phillip showed his store for animated today screens. he then logged onto handango.net to show how he is making money selling them. showed some new screens that he is going to release (some really cool animations, some of garfield).

showed erricson t68 phone, and some of its accessories.

showed how to dial phone from flash. use fscommand and tellurl (supported by multiple phones).
phillip then showed some clothes made specifically to hold and work with devices.

he showed his wireless operation app. a flash interface of the classic operation game that controls a vest phillip wears. if you tuch the sides, it shocks whoever is wearing the vest (over the web).

phillip keeps track of where people try to shock him (the crouch).

showed buddy lee challenge / staring contest. cobranded with television campaign.

phillip said that he has seen a watch with a flash interface (but he cant talk about it).

showed wearfi, gps bracelets for kids (lets you know where you kids are). he then showed a flash interface for a gps movie trailer tracker, as you walk near a movie theature it tells you what movies are avaliable.

then showed his gps walking stick. basically a pocket pc on top of a walking stick with a flash interface.

phillip is a co-author of flash enabled. his web site is flashenabled.com.
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