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Rich Application Development with Flash Remoting : Mike Chambers

This was my session on Flash Remoting (sorry, i couldn’t blog it in real time). It was an advanced session, and i spent a lot of time talking about architeting Flash Remoting Applications.

I discussed Object Oriented Client / Server interfaces, which is a design patter where you encapsulte all of your client / server code within ActionScript objects. This makes the code more reusable, but also creates a simplified ActionScript API for the service. It also abstracts all of the complexity of the code, and client / server communications away from the developer / user.

I show some simple ActionScript examples that demonstrated this (i will upload them later). I then went through and showed some Applications that used some Client / Server Service Libraries (Email and Stock). I showed an stock charting app, and well as a Flash Email client i created (which has a sneak peak of some new components).

I then showed a simple flash application that called the google web service via Flash Remoting, and allowed you to search google from Flash.

Finally, i pulled up the stock application again, change one line of code (pointing to the server), and switched the back end code from ColdFusion to an .NET DLL written in c#. The Flash Remoting code was the same conencting to both. The server side code has no flash specific code in it, and I pulled up a windows app that used the DLL to deomstrate this.

I will try to post some more details and files later.

end of session

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