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Video with Flash MX : A Users Guide : Session 2 of 3

Short QA session.
They are showing comparisons of the same video in different players (austin powers trailer):

In higher end encoding, the differences between the players become more obvious, with dedicate video players having better quality.
Encoding time:


When deciding which video codec to use, dont just think of penetration stats today, but think of where it will be in 6 months to a year.

they are shhowing a seinfeld video player, where you pick a character, and the can choose from a number of clips from the show (george has shrinkage). they keep track of how many videos you have watched. every four videos you watch, you have to watch a commerical (they showed a vw jetta commercial). You can play a new video until the entire commerical has run.


end of session.

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