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Creating PDF files from HTML Pages on OS X

I was putting together my speaker notes for my Flash Forward session on Flash Remoting, and I needed to distribute them in a format that would maintain the formatting and images. I normally would use Word or html to do this, but HTML requires multiple files and renders differently depending on the browser, and I don’t like to embed images within Word. I decided that PDF would be perfect for this, but I really had no experience with creating PDFs.

Luckily, I came across this post from whatdoiknow which describes how to have Mac OS X generate PDFs from web pages. All i had to do was open Dreamweaver MX, type in my speaker notes, open them in a browser on OS X and save as PDF.

Btw, this will work for any web page, and is a useful way to archive web documents that are useful. You can download the PDF version of the website here.

This isn’t directly related to Flash, but is so useful i thought that I would post it.

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