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History of Macromedia Flash

As you may or may not know, this year is Macromedia’s 10th birthday. In celebration, i did a quick search to see what information i could find on the history of Macromedia and Flash. Here is what i found:

I also thought that Flash developers might be interesting in seeing some pictures of Macromedia headquarters, the Flash Team offices, and some of the members of the Flash Team.

Macromedia Headquarters at 600 Townsend

606 Townsend :: Macromedia Flash team’s office (along with other teams) It used to be a parking garage.

Lounge area in offices

Troy Evans, Flash Player Product Manager

Notice pocketpcflash.net on the screen.

Cubicles (interesting, heh?)

more cubes

Kitchen and merry-go-round (gift from Apple)


Picture from side of kitchen. You can see the putting green.

Putting green.

Mike Williams, one of the Flash product managers.

Jeremy Clark, Flash Product Manager. (he built one of the easter egg games).

Matt Wobensmith, Flash Authoring QA

John Dowdell

Part of the Flash Team’s QA lab.

Flash logo, so the team doesn’t forget where their office is.

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