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A Flash-forward look

Interesting article over at infoworld on Flash MX, ColdFusion MX, and Flash Remoting. There is some good information and analysis including Java platforms that ColdFusion MX will be available on, why the Flash player uses AMF and not SOAP to communicate with Flash Remoting, and the promise of Flash as a consumer of web services:

Pushing the envelope is a good thing. Internet standards follow pioneers who deliver code that works and does what people want. Web services that encapsulate business logic aren’t exciting until applications make those services come alive for users. If Macromedia can transform Flash from a multimedia shell into a popular presentation layer for Internet-based business applications, the missing pieces of the Web-services puzzle - identity management; security context; reliable messaging; and real-time, two-way data communication - will come into focus more quickly.

[via FlashBlog]

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