iconActionScript 3 API Reference for the iPhone

The ActionScript 3 API Reference is a free iPhone application that provides a quick and convenient method for accessing the ActionScript 3 API class reference documentation.

About Screen Filtering Classes


Main Screen, Class List, Class List Filtering, Class API Documentation, About Screen


The ActionScript 3 API Reference has only been tested on iPhone OS 2.2.


Install from iTunes app store

Release History

1.0 Release (January 19, 2009)

1.0 Submitted (January 19, 2009)

Feedback and Bugs

Please submit any feedback and / or bugs here.


The ActionScript 3 API Reference was created by Mike Chambers.

Visual support and icon by De Monsters

"Halo mesh" and "mesh" characters by eboy.

You can the latest news and information on the reference here.